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Farabi Talks at the Turkish News Agency!

The Turkish News Agency has analyzed Farabi Talks and found this project worth-spreading!

Farabi Talks

Farabi Talks was founded to make students in English Prep School practice their English speaking skills in a different method. In that way, they were both boosting their listening skills and speaking skills. The system worked in this way for one year. Later on, I found that students were impressed by the success stories of the speakers and their suggestions given to them. The audience were basically students from Faculty of Medicine. Farabi Talks started in Sept. 2013 and it still continues every week. The number of the students were 21 and in the summer, 19 of them either become an intern in such hospitals voluntarily or improved themselves academically and intellectually. Then I realized that there is something that was affecting students subconsciously day by day in a very positive way. I scrutinized hidden curriculum and subconscious acquisition and at the end came up with an idea: FARABI TALKS - Shining Experiences.

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