Lecturer Protocol & Criteria


  • This platform’s language is English, so talking in Turkish is strictly prohibited. Lecturers should avoid speaking in Turkish during their speeches.
  • The duration of a speech of a Lecturer is max. 50 Minutes.
  • The duration of a video of a Lecturer should not exceed 5 Minutes.
  • The maximum amount of slides for PowerPoint should not exceed 50 Slides.
  • Lecturers are responsible for finding an appropriate topic for the Talk.
  • They should send their presentation and an HD Photo to be used both for social media announcements and posters to the contact person for Farabi Talks.
  • They should also send them their Title and Institutional Affiliation.
  • After meeting all the needs (their presentations, topics, titles and HD Photos), lecturers should hand over their presentation to contact person who will forward it to Revision Committee after first check.
  • If you should have any questions/inquiries at all, please do not hesitate to contact anyone from Farabi Talks staff.


  • During the presentation, there are some suggestions for Lecturers:
  1. The English Language level of the audience is Intermediate. So, kindly try to simplify your language.
  2. Due to the date and time, the audience may be a bit exhausted. So, from our previous experiences of presentations, we have found out that the outlook of the presentation should be colorful in order to attract the audience’s attention.
  3. You shouldn’t worry about timing. We have two different timers to show you how much time you have left.
  4. In addition, we have some facilities every week both for the audience and Lecturers such as cookies, tea, coffee etc. You can have them for free.
  5. By applying to this program to present their presentations, lecturers hereby accept that they will be broadcast online.
  6. Right before lecturers’ speeches, according to our protocol, our program presenter presents Lecturers to the stage and with the audience’s applause; they are invited to the stage.
  7. As a consequence, try to be as positive as possible during your speech.


  • During the presentation, there are some prohibitions Lecturers should strictly avoid doing and they are as follows:
  1. Lecturers cannot scold anyone from the audience!
  2. They cannot waste the program’s time by irrelevant arguments or their political views that are out of scope!
  3. They are not allowed to speak in Turkish!
  4. They do not have the right to scold or scorn the Farabi Talks Staff!
  5. By accepting the terms and conditions for Farabi Talks, a Lecturer cannot later deny the articles above mentioned.



  • Once your presentation is finished and you have answered all of the questions of the audience, your photo will be taken with the program director facing the audience in an appropriate angle.
  • After the presentation, our BUDU (Business Development Unit) will write down some notes about your performance.
  • After completing that, they will forward this feedback form to you.
  • At the very end, you will be given a plaquette regarding our thankfulness to you for your participation and contribution to the program.



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